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Feel great – perform great

People Experience is a place for driven, committed and highly engaged People Professionals who are passionate about helping our clients to attract, recruit and develop the right talents by building strong employee experiences. Equally important is the experience we create for ourselves and each other – in our daily work. The experience that makes us leaving the office filled with joy and positive energy, proudness of what we have accomplished and engagement about tomorrow. The experience that makes our clients happy and impressed – wanting to come back.

When we founded People Experience we wanted to create a home for driven people who, just like us, are fully convinced that it is possible to have a fun and inspiring job that enables high performance, engagement and constant growth and still make room for a satisfied life management and sustainable well-being. It’s all about creating a common clear strategy while finding and offering the right keys to design a tailor made work life where all parts in life are included and respected. For us, the keys are our values – trustworthy, happy & healthy which are integrated in our business, performance and everything we do.

Who we are

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier at work. It’s the perfect combination of working with varied, challenging and high level assignments within my passion, hang out with smart, caring, fun and awesome colleagues and at the same have the freedom to design my work-life as it suits me and my family the very best.

Anna Strid

People Experience Partner

Working for People Experience as a consultant is not just a job, it’s so much more. Even though I spend my days out on assignments for People Experience’s behalf they always make me feel like a part of the team with their constant support, energy and advise. Both Åse and Anna are incredible people with a lot of dedication and passion for their work which shows in everything they do. Whether you are looking for new opportunities or their services this definitely is the company that you should keep in mind.

Rebecka Hogevall

People Experience Consultant

I have been lucky in life – always been happy at work and really enjoyed going there. This however takes my job to a complete new level. Everyday, I get energy from outgoing, fun and loving colleagues while working with challenging projects. Focusing on healthy eating, regular exercising and surrounding myself with highly intelligent people all day feels like a dream come true. My family has told me that they have not seen me stressed since I started at People Experience and they think that we in our family both laugh and spend much more time together since we started this company. To me, that is the best feedback I could ever get.

Åse Sundberg

People Experience Partner

I was looking for the ultimate consultant company to join when they found me – People Experience are driven as well as professional with a great passion for business, people & growth. If you’re looking for interesting clients and challenging assignments – look no further.

Elin Jerklind

People Experience Consultant

In my previous career, in a controlled corporate world, I knew what we had to do in order to be successful but didn’t have the mandate to do it. At People Experience it’s the opposite. I can implement any idea I have and I’m always encouraged to challenge and to think of new ways to do things. This is the place where I can perform and grow at my full potential together with super smart, highly inspiring and fun colleagues, candidates and clients. In addition to this I can manage my time as it suits me and my family with small kids. I just love my job and I’d be happy to tell you more about it!

Emilie Törneman

Recruitment Manager

Anna and Åse managed to match me with my dream assignment, both when it comes to my job duties but also the people that I work together with. I keep close contact with People Experience and I truly feel like I am taken care of as an employee. I’m so glad to be part of this journey!

Christine Fischerström

People Experience Consultant

Some of our believes and part of our offer

Self-management and 100 % trust

Design your work life as it suits you and your life situation the very best

Compensation package

Competitive package when it comes to compensation and pension

Tailor made career

Specialize and grow within your passion while building your own role

Office in Sturegallerian

Office shared with creative fashion designers and entrepreneurs

Strong values

Join a culture with trust, support, laughter and constant feedback. Trustworthy, happy & healthy

Avaliable Positions at People Experience

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